Who We Are

    Our Mediation Philosophy

    It's all about the people.  We believe that conflict is an inevitable human experience.  We also believe that conflict can lead to better solutions or results for those involved in conflict. There is no conflict to small or too big to not have resolved. 

    Conflict Resolution Characteristics

    • 100% Confidential 
    • Mediator will always be neutral
    • Process is completely voluntary
    • An atmosphere of cooperation 

    Our Client Promise

    We promise is to help you resolve conflict so the resolution can be beneficial to your life.  We also promise that at anytime that you wish to end your sessions, you can end them without any additional cost. 

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    Our Services


    Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method in which a third party neutral  helps the parties in dispute negotiate a solution that is beneficial to each party.

    Divorce Mediation

    Mediation in divorce is a process by which a mediator or a trained neutral helps divorcing spouses reach agreement. The mediator works as a facilitator to guide the divorcing spouses through the process to resolve the outstanding issues.

    Restorative Circles

    A Restorative Circle is a community process for supporting those in conflict. It brings together the three parties to a conflict  those who have acted, those directly impacted and the wider community within an intentional systemic context, to dialogue as equals  Great for group conflict.

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